“Arti-Gras” art submission

Our local Chestnut Creek, School of the Arts, has an annual Gala, and while I wish I could go every year I have only made it once! Not to say I haven’t helped in some way, shape or form, but this year I wanted to create a cool work of art for their theme as I lived in New Orleans for 4 years and looove that southern, Cajun culture!

I had a few ideas, and decided to go with an architectural piece. I always loved looking at the old plantation homes while living there, and was inspired by that idea, most, in the end.

I debated on a few buildings, but ultimately went with the actual school for my piece. The history behind the School, as well as, the structure itself was perfect for my vision. I wanted to create a quirky, fun, and simple piece. Just enough detail with clean lines and beautiful color.

I stuck with watercolor because it’s been my thing lately. I didn’t focus on exact dimensions or even the straightest lines. I wanted it to read almost like a contour line drawing. Placing the lamp post and tree gave the work some organic lines as well as a contrast in color to finish the piece off!

Check out the Chestnut Creek School of the arts here.

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