One fish, three fish!

How fun is this fish series?!?! I have to admit it was the first time drawing much more than a little Jesus fish, but it was so cool to take these from the drawings to the painting stage and see them come alive!

This series was commissioned for an old sorority sister who goes fishing with her husband every year in Beliz and these are the three they catch! Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish (I am pretty impressed I remembered the names, the order is not specific)!

And for her thank you card I couldn’t resist doing a quick gestural painting of her pooch!

To see more samples of animals click HERE

Pet contour drawings

Just for fun and since I love pet portraits, I started doing some simple and fun contour line drawings of dogs! You can purchase the below ones ready to go or have your own pet done! An 8×10 portrait is $20 shipped and a 5×7 is $15 shipped. Or you pick a different size! What a great deal!

Nursery & Kid Room Art

I have done a few custom pieces for my own kids’ rooms and thought I’d share as an alternative to ordering online! I can pretty much do anything and add your kid’s name to personalize it! Pricing will depend on what you are wanting, but it will be affordable. Here are some samples!

Please email at to order!