Painting with the Boys!

One of my favorite things about doing these portraits, is I can work on them while my boys paint next to me on their own creations! They get so into what they’re making and are pretty creative with painting. I love how they want to work like me and are getting to explore water color at a great age! Tucker is really loving the black this afternoon while Bryce is getting set up!

“Arti-Gras” art submission

Our local Chestnut Creek, School of the Arts, has an annual Gala, and while I wish I could go every year I have only made it once! Not to say I haven’t helped in some way, shape or form, but this year I wanted to create a cool work of art for their theme as I lived in New Orleans for 4 years and looove that southern, Cajun culture!

I had a few ideas, and decided to go with an architectural piece. I always loved looking at the old plantation homes while living there, and was inspired by that idea, most, in the end.

I debated on a few buildings, but ultimately went with the actual school for my piece. The history behind the School, as well as, the structure itself was perfect for my vision. I wanted to create a quirky, fun, and simple piece. Just enough detail with clean lines and beautiful color.

I stuck with watercolor because it’s been my thing lately. I didn’t focus on exact dimensions or even the straightest lines. I wanted it to read almost like a contour line drawing. Placing the lamp post and tree gave the work some organic lines as well as a contrast in color to finish the piece off!

Check out the Chestnut Creek School of the arts here.


Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you!

Q: What do you need?

A: I need to know these things,

  1. What size portrait you want?
  2. How many people and pets?
  3. What would like it to say, if you want it to say something?
  4. What kind of border would you like?
  5. Special request in way of outfits or positioning
  6. Rough heights if it isn’t obvious in the photos
  7. Any photos (digital is preferred) that would help me capture the essence of the figures!

Q: Can you work off digital photos?

A: Yes! This is what I prefer! If it’s of a family I don’t have to have a portrait of everyone together, I would need separate photos if you don’t have one of everyone. The more the better.

Q: What sizes can you do?

A: I can do ANY size. My standard sizes are 8×10, 9×12, or 11×14. I can do smaller or larger, I will quote you a specific price when I get all the details!

Q: What type of media do you use?

A: Primarily I use watercolor. If you are wanting acrylic or oil, I can do those too. Again pricing will be different based on needs and size!

Q: How much are they?

A: I have tried to offer an incredible price point for custom art. You can find my price list here!

Q: What type of backgrounds can you do?

A: You name it and I can probably do it! I’ve done houses, helicopters, floral, motorcycles, C-5s, basic landscapes, beach scenes. I love new challenges and the personalization backgrounds can create!

Q: How long does it take to finish?

A: I ask for 6 weeks from start to delivery. Usually I get it done in 1-2 weeks depending on my family needs and how complicated the portrait is!

Q: How do I order a portrait?

A: Email me at with what you are wanting! I will follow up with you usually with in 24 hours!

Q: What can I expect?

A: You can expect great customer service, original and custom art that will capture a likeness off your wish in a gorgeous piece of artwork you will treasure forever!

To ensure that I am on the right track, I send a rough sketch of your request before I make anything permanent. This is a proof that you can have me adjust before the painting begins! Once finished I will send a final proof that you can make small adjustments too if needed. Of course if something is totally wrong that is something I did not run by you in the first proof, I will redo, for free.


Did I miss something? Just email me and I will be happy to answer!